Silo 13

Soon after a popular 1980’s Hollywood movie exposed that missile launch crews may be unwilling to carry out their wartime procedures, the United States began a Top-Secret training program near Area 51 to test all future launch crew candidates.

“Silo 13 Elite Force Challenge”

A once in a lifetime opportunity has presented itself.  You and your team have been chosen to participate in an elite special forces training program. Inspired by our military development tactics, and designed to evaluate skills in an array of areas, your team will be put through a series of Heart pumping, high stressed, adrenaline rushing tasks and scenarios all while pushing your mental reasoning, logic, observation, time management and teamwork abilities to the brink!!

Will you be able to work together to solve all that Silo 13 will throw at you, or will you crack under the pressure, and come up short?


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