2-6 Players
60 Minutes

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The once prosperous silver mining town of calico is now a ghost town that provides daily tours. It has been bought out by a big city Builder who wants to bulldoze the town to make room for high-rise condos and mini malls. Rumors still remain of the fortune that John Digger Left Behind even though the town went bankrupt. So you and your friends book the last group tour of the old silver mining town. You purposely wander off to get separated from the group. The tour has ended and you know have one hour before the power is shut down for good and the condos cover the land that hides the town secrets. Can you figure out how he amassed his fortune while the town failed and find the rumored treasure?

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  • Gale Daniel
    Posted February 13, 2019 at 8:16 am

    Finally a place to go out with a few friends and have some fun.

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